It's been almost a year since I got back from Bali, and I just booked a return trip! It's more than Bali, I'll be going through Morocco and Turkey, picking up all the bits and pieces that make Navone unique. I've been to both before and fell in love with the texture and vibrancy of life; but I say that about everywhere, so maybe I'm just easy to please.

You'll have to wait until February to hear about that trip, so in the meantime here's a highlight reel from Bali 2015:

Canang Sari- daily offerings made by Balinese Hindus in thanks and prayer. They brighten temples, homes and the sidewalk with flowers, rice and incense.

bali, yoga, offering

I could have stopped every two minutes at another temple.

bali, temple, travel, wanderlust

A man serving up Jamu, a traditional medicinal herbal tincture, for 25 cents a glass; turmeric and ginger for days!

I fell in love with Bali on the back of a scooter; no agenda, no destination, just a goofy grin as I took in the awesome beauty and let it wash over me like the breeze.

bali, rice terraces, travel

And who doesn't love a cow-induced traffic jam?!

Had I not just moved into a tiny-home school bus conversion I would have done a bit more damage in the shopping department.

jungalow, bali, decore, interior, style, bohemian

But I did bring home a bunch of these recycled glass beads; see if you can spot them in Navone's designs!

recycled glass, beads, bali

Until next time, xo