Quartz Eye Necklace

Quartz point with labradorite bezel, wrapped in leather on 28” gold-fill chain with brass eye charm. 


Azul Corazón Necklace

Lapis lazuli wrapped in tiny brass beads on hammered brass heart, with pearl, labradorite, pink tourmaline, turquoise, garnet and herkimer diamond. 18" long, with gold-fill chain and 2" extender.


Raena Necklace

Howlite dagger, labradorite bezel, herkimer diamond, turquoise and brass beads on 24" silk knotted cord. Gold-fill hoop clasp makes necklace adjustable.


Citrine Light Necklace

Citrine wrapped in white leather with a moonstone bezel, brass beads and gold-fill chain; 30” long with 2” extender with herkimer diamond drop. 


Naina Necklace

Labradorite wrapped in tiny brass beads and drops, hammered gold-fill bar and chain with herkimer diamond accents; 15” long with 2” extender. 


Izna Necklace

Izna: light. Bone horn pendant with moonstone, herkimer diamond, pearl and brass seeing eye accents; 32” long.


Evil Eye Charm Necklace

Evil eye charm on 15” golf-fill chain with 1” extender and herkimer diamond drop.


Little Lapis Necklace

Lapis lazuli on a 15” gold-fill chain.


Little Labradorite Necklace

Green labradorite on 15” gold-fill chain.


Jenai Necklace

Labradorite bezel with leather fringe, turquoise, herkimer diamond and brass beads; 38” long, ties at neck with 8” pendant. 


Fari Necklace

Strands of lapis lazuli with brass beads and hammered brass on gold-fill neck wore and chain; 17” long and slightly adjustable. 


Solace Necklace

A chain of labradorite, herkimer diamonds, brass beads and charms with hammered gold-fill neck wire and chain at back; 29” long. 


Genie Necklace

Hammered brass drops with gold-fill collar and chain; 17” long and adjustable.


Altheya Necklace

Moonstone rondelles with hammered brass and brass beads; 15” long with 1” extender. 


Chakra Necklace

A string of rainbow chakra gemstones hangs from a hammered brass starburst on 16” gold-fill chain. 


Over the Rainbow Necklace

A string of gemstones from a herkimer diamond to amethyst; 15” gold-fill chain with 1” extender.


All Seeing Eye Necklace

Tiny lapis tube beads with herkimer diamonds, brass accent beads and hammered eye pendant. 16” long withers inch extender.


Azyan Necklace

Tiny lapis tube beads with brass bars; 15” long with two inch extender and herkimer diamond drop.


The Keeper Necklace- Black

Brass evil-eye hamsa pendant, labradorite charm, red silk tassel, on black leather cord with brass beads; ties at neck so adjustable length.


Moon Phases Necklace- Black

Hammered brass, quartz, black leather; ties at neck.