Grid List
Abalone Coin Earrings

Abalone on gold-fill earwires; 2.25” long. 


Abalone Tile Earrings

2” abalone on gold-fill earwires. 


Abby Earrings

Crystal eye charm and golden drops on acetate tortoise shell hoop; gold-fill earwires. 


Ada Earrings

Chrysocolla chain with ruby bezel and herkimer diamond drops on hammered brass bar with gold-fill chain and earwires.


Adha Earrings

Beaded collaboration with Roadside Remedies with labradorite wrapped in tiny brass beads on hand-cut and hammered brass; gold-fill earwires.


Aire Earrings

Hammered brass drops hang from gold-fill hoops and earwires.


Airen Earrings

Chrysoprase drops hand from coral silk thread strung with tiny brass beads. Herkimer diamond, hammered brass and gold-fill earwires.


Alasia Earrings

Golden rutilated quartz bezel with brass drops on gold-fill earwires. 


Alicia Earrings

Rutilated quartz, herkimer diamond, hammered brass and gold-fill earwires. 


Aliya Earrings

Lapis bezel with carnelian and peridot on hammered brass; gold-fill earwires. 


Amalí Earrings

Pink Opal with hand-cut and hammered brass, chrysocolla and heroine diamond drops; gold-fill earwires.


Amara Earrings

Lapis lazuli wrapped in tiny brass beads and brass drops; gold-fill hoop and labradorite bezel with herkimer diamond drop. 


Amelia Earrings

Moonstone wrapped in tiny brass beads on hammered brass with labradorite drops; gold-fill earwires, 2” long. 


Amethyst Spire Earrings

Amethyst with brass drop on gold-fill earwires. 


Amethyst Teardrop Earrings

Amethyst drops with tiny pyrite accent beads; gold-fill earwires. 


Ananda Earrings

Labradorite wrapped in garnet with crystal drops and gold-fill arch and earwires; 1.5” long. 


Andie Earrings

Labradorite on brass; 2.75” long, gold-full earwires. 


Andrea Earrings

Abalone and pearl on gold-fill earwires; 3” long. 


Anemone Earrings

Abalone and pearl on gold-fill hoop and earwire. 


April Earrings

Bright chrysoprase and carnelian hang from hammered brass crescents with gold-fill earwires.